Outdoor Catscape or Cat Path Walkway
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Our indoor cats can now safely go outside using the enclosed, fenced overhead cat walkway path to a larger enclosed outside cat play area.

We wanted a way for our indoor cats to enjoy the outdoors while keeping them safe. We constructed this cat play area and walkway out of pressure treated wood and green metal garden fencing. The videos below show how to bend the fence sections  and also show the completed catscape elevated path. Our cats can now go up the mountain behind our house and enjoy the outdoors.

pet door sliding glass door panel
During construction the white sliding glass door
partition was put in.
cat outdoor ladder
A pet door was added to the bottom
of the white partition
cat fenced in outdoor play space 
Finished the enclosure with green fencing on all sides
and top
outdoor overhead cat walkway 
The overhead enclosed cat pathway is raised in the air
approximately 7 feet.
outdoor cat run
This is the first part of the cat walkway as it starts
up the mountain behind our house 
outdoor cat walkway play area 
Each catscape ramp / walkway section is 12"x12"x12"x12"
and 10' long. a 1"x 6" deck board is the base.
fenced in cat path 
The cat walkway attaches to the cat climbing area
outside the sliding glass doors with the pet door.
run walkway for cats 
The cats don't seem to have any trouble
passing each other on the outdoor path.
Video of the phase 1 cat walkway starting up our mountain.
Second and final phase of the outdoor cat pathway
leading to the enclosed outdoor play area for our
indoor cats.
Constructing the garden fence cat tubes, runs, walkways.
How to cut, and bend garden fence.