How to Build or make a DIY Dalek Comic Con Halloween Costume
for a child or an Adult. This build of a Dalek Halloween Comic Con costume is made out of inexpensive supplies such as,
PVC pipe, styrofoam, a laundry basket, plastic carry all and a plastic mixing bowl, balls cut in halves, cheap solar light, duct tape, high temp glue, and stuff just laying around the house /garage.

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plans for Dalek base 
This pattern is readily available on the web. These dimensions are for an adult size dalek. We scaled them down for a child.

Video of how we used a heat gun to bend the PVC for the Dalek frame.
Dalek base jig 

Transfer the dimensions to a piece of wood and use screws at the corners to create a jig for bending the PVC
how to build dalek pvc frame 
Use Duct tape to hold the sections as you move around the jig
dr. who frame
Cut the PVC and install Ts to use for the verticle supports for the Dalek bottom
halloween dalek costume

The bottom with all T's installed
building a skirt of dalek comic con costume 
Dalek frame top and bottom connected and ready to use pipe adhesive
white dalek fame 
Draw around the bottom of the black tub onto a board and cut out . Fasten to the PVC with Duct tape .
dalek tub for body 

This is a solid 'tub' of sorts w/ handles removed.  Insert a section of a tomato cage to shape as needed.
putting the dalek frame together 
Attach small angle brackets to board and fasten black tub to all brackets. I used a pop riveter but, nuts and bolts will work.
Inside look at black tub with hole cut in bottom and painted white then fastened to board on PVC dalek frame
how to build a dalek halloween laundry basket bowl 
The "Skeleton" of the Dalek - black tub, cheap laundry basket, & clear mixing bowl.
styrofoam dalek 
Measure, cut and fasten styrofoam sheets w/ duct tape
build a dalek halloween costume skirt 
Continue, duct tape outside angles w/ white duct tape
halloween with a dalek 
comic con dalek  
Black foam pipe insulation fitted for bottom bumper - perfect.
halloween costume white dalek
Used white duct tape over styrofoam because we found out that the plastic paint melts certain styrofoam - oops.  Note that we cut some sections out of the laundry basket

Sensor: Bottom of 2 liter bottle, 3/4" hole in bottom for pvc pipe, 1/2 of a 3 1/8" ball (any size would work), painted gold
dalek laser 

Another angle shows PVC hot glued in 3/4" hole
Plastic souffle cups painted gold.  It only takes 2, but we painted 3 - oh, well, you can't have too many ears
dalek light on head 
Basket & mixing bowl painted white w/ spike of cheap solar light installed, small painted foam pc for aesthetics

Solar light top and cups painted.  The blue "light" is a magic sizing lid cut down
white dalek diy costume 
Styrofoam rings added to eye stem.  2 big & 2 small.  Size is whatever looks good to you.  Solar spike used for perfect center cut.  Inside screen started.
dalek halloween costume
Hot glue balls to Dalek after dry fitting w/ duct tape. Level the 1st row then measured about 3.5" between balls.  Important to "eyeball" dry fit before gluing.

Dalek's balls are done.  Now on to the weapons and bars.

finish build of a dalek
The gold bars are just painted styrofoam (whatever size looks good to you).  The "weapons" are inserted through lunch meat containers painted white with foam inside then pop riveted to the tub then caulked for aesthetics.
dalek machine gun on costume
The machine gun is a gold painted paint roller frame with handle straightened & shortened then black plastic flexible wire conduit slipped over the spines of the roller frame then painted gold.  Cat is optional.

Close up of rings on the "eye".  Nnote the bar is bar for the eye is balanced between small space bowl and basket, but hot glued as well for added stability

The screen inside laundry basket is black gutter screen painted gold then cut in wedge shapes to fit in between supports on launddry basket with hot glue

dalek gun build make
A styrofoam "belt", center pc, and gold ring at base of sensor were added for aesthetics.  You can see here how the lunch meat tubs look close up when finished.  The rivets were painted over with craft paint so you cant see those.
comic con halloween white dalek
build a dalek
how to build a dalek
make a dalek
dalek dr. who diy costume
dalek plans

Just for fun, I made this candy bag on the spur of the moment, but we will probably cut holes in the side of the tub for arms holes

Here is close up of balls after gluing and dressing with teeny strips of duct tape then painted with craft paint NOTE: excess paint easily wipes off the skirt with damp cloth because it is covered in duct tape so, don't worry about a over stroking
how to make a dalek
Comparison between home made Dalek and a real Dalek.
Time spent on construction: about 48-50 hours
Materials bought: about $200
Grandparent bragging rights: Epic !
Memories with grandson: Priceless !

Our Grandson tries the Dalek costume out for the first time!

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