West Virginia (Virginia) including Clay county,Wv and Ashe County, North Carolina Sizemore documents, pictures, info and family tree.
This page also includes some government reports and documents pertaing to some Sizemore Eastern Cherokee 1907 application submissions and rejections. The  government report # 417 created in response to the 2000 Sizemore Eastern Cherokee claims representing 5000 Sizemore  individuals.
west virginia sizemore cherokee family tree
West Virginia Sizemore Family Tree. Click image for larger view
Hiram H. Sizemore Eastern Cherokee Application 1907
Government rejection of all Sizemore Cherokee claims report #417
Report #417 transcribed
Johnathan Homer Sizemore farm clay county wv
Johnathan Homer Sizemore on his farm in Clay County West Virginia
Homer Sizemore death certificate
Johnathan Homer Sizemore death certificate
Amon Amen Sizemore marriage to Nancy Backhouse
Amon Amen Sizemore marriage record to Nancy Backhouse.. Listed as Amos Segmion
Click image for larger view
Eastern Cherokees Notice. Department of the Interior Office of Indian Affairs. August 20th 1906
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