Stanley Stanislaus Stanislau Schroepfer ,Jacob (Stanleys Brother)Schroepfer , Andrew (Stanley and Jacobs father) Schroepfer Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and additional Schroepfer family pictures, files, records, history etc..The info on this page is in no particluar order and is available for you to "right click" and download. Feel free to link to this page. This information was taken from freely available public information. If you find additional info you feel should be included on this page, contact me .  I am David and my mom was Alberta (Schroepfer) Dorfner.
stanislaus schroepfer headstone cemetary
emil schroepfer cemetary france burial death records
emil schroepfer military records
emil schroepfer obituary
schroepfer pittsburgh 1930 census
1930 Schroepfer Census.  Click on image for larger view
stanley schroepfer arrival manifest port baltimore 1907
1907 Port of Baltimore manifest for the ship Karlsruhe. Stanislaus Schroepfer 4th down on manifest, Click on image for larger view.
stanley schroepfer ship karlsruhe
The Karlsruhe
port of baltimore
stanley schroepfer world war II registration
Stanley Schroepfer Word War II registration
schroepfer naturalization papers
jacob schroepfer naturalization papers
Stanley Schroepfer Naturalization Papers . Click folder to open PDF file
Jacob Schroepfer (Stanleys Brother) Naturalization Papers . Click folder to open PDF file
jacob schroepfer w w I registration
Jacob Schroepfer Word War I registration
jacob schroepfer w w II registration
Jacob Schroepfer World War II registration
Pittsburgh City Directories for Schroepfer
Andrew, Jacob and Stanley.
Some notations are lab. (laborer), tailor.
stanley schroepfer birth city country
Stanley and Jacobs Birth place taken from their papers Kamionka Galacia Austria
stanley jacob schroepfer birth city country
Found this patent that was filed in 1919 and approved 1920 by Stanley Schroepfer of Pittsburgh PA..If you review the Pittsburgh city directories dated in those years there is only one Stanley Schroepfer listed.
Schroepfer Patent
Schroepfers Rose Bar 1947 - ?

Stanley Schroepfer's Guesthouse 1933-1947?

Now Jacks......
March 26th 1942
Dec. 22nd 1937
July 25th 1942
August 18 1950
Ed Schroepfer land sale
March 26 1966
Sept. 19 1956
Dec. 13 1916
Emil's Schroepfer Companies daily actions in August 1944 around the time he died
Katherine Catherine Lang Schroepfer obituary
edward ed schroepfer pittsburgh pa. birthdate born  died date
Edward Ed Schroepfer Born May 4th 1915 --- Died October 12th 1967
edward schroepfers guest house
February 2nd 1961
ed schroepfer rose bar
February 8th 1961
330rd Infantry daily actions August 1st 1944 thru
Aug. 31st 1944
List the companies actions on August 26th the day Emil died.